Lubbock, Texas Engagement Photographer: Dacey + Cole

Amarillo Engagement Photographer

Dacey and Cole found me on Facebook of all places and I’m so glad they did! These two are the absolute sweetest and I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding on NEW YEARS EVE this year. As their Amarillo Engagement Photographer, I helped them plan the areas they wanted to visit for their session and these two settled on Centennial Plaza and the First Baptist Church in downtown Amarillo!

These two love spending time together and going to see concerts in big cities, and have dreams of traveling to Nashville! Being from Tennessee myself, I couldn’t wait to tell them all the fun parts of Nashville and Tennessee in general from my perspective. I spent a lot of time in Nashville as a wedding photographer and found some cool places that I am so happy to share any time someone will let me.

This has become one of my favorite prompts to use for couples! It gets them super cuddly and close together and it also gets some great laughs because it’s silly!

This is also another favorite prompt of mine! It really lets the happiness shine and brings out the playfulness between the two! As an Amarillo Engagement Photographer, this prompt always gets so many laughs and funny jokes, especially if the couple loves to pick on each other for fun!

How about that bling!? Cole did such an amazing job picking it out for Dacey!

Engagement season is in full swing over here! As well as 2023 booking! I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries for 2023, so it is safe to say now is the time to start your planning or at least start narrowing down your favorite vendors! I absolutely love getting to know engaged couples in Lubbock, so if you love my vibe, shoot me an email here! I’d love to have you on my calendar for 2023!

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May 4, 2022


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